The concept of forecasting and forming the quality of import products category fresh

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MAGAZINE №2 (73) April 2016


KISELEVA N.V. - Candidate Of Chemical Sciences, Associate Professor, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Kuban State University (Krasnodar, Russia)

STEPNOVA A.S. - Graduate student, Department of Analytical Chemistry, Kuban State University (Krasnodar, Russia)

CATEGORY  Logistics services Management 


The quality of goods is a fundamental characteristic that affects both the economy of companies engaged in the sale of fresh products category, as well as their competitiveness, that is the image as a whole. In connection with the imposition of an embargo on the part of Western countries, the actuality of supply chain management and the establishment of new high-quality logistic flows acquires especially great importance. The fact that Russia is the imposition of sanctions was the 2 largest importer of EU agricultural products (10% of the agricultural EU exports) and especially affected the export of vegetables and fruits (Russia accounted for 29%), as well as the fact that fresh products are ranked first on imports of all food products (by Rosstat statistics for 2012-2013.), does not allow to special the extreme criticality and importance of the issue. The article presents an improved model for predicting the quality of imported products, as described Kiseleva and Stepnova (2015), which provides the opportunity to obtain more accurate forecasts changes in the quality, but also introduces the concept of the formation of the quality of fresh products based on the chart «The reason-result», which allows to determine the causes of deterioration in the quality or the emergence of substandard goods throughout the life cycle from growing to marketing to the consumer. Model prediction of quality and concept of formation of the quality of imported fresh products recommended for use by major network retail to stabilize the existing and new logistics supply in order to maintain the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables to the consumer. 



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