Personnel training and competence development in logistics

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MAGAZINE №2 (73) April 2016


BYBNOVA G.V. - Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Department «Economics, organization of production and management», Scientific Director of the Centre of competence and management of the education quality, Emperor Nicholas II Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY  Knowledge - force. Education in Logistics and SCM 


The problems of professional and academic specialists in the logistics field as well as their absence of demand in several Russian regions define the topicality of learning services market and specialists, bachelors, magisters and candidates training programs research investigation.
In order to improve curriculums, the determination of logistics core competencies by scientific, educational spheres and business, it is primarily needed to analyze the learning services «offer», define specialists training centers, trends and topical directions of developing this research and practice knowledge field.
The data resources for holding this investigation were more than 800 official sites of higher educational establishments, data retrieval systems of Internet, the Ministry of Education data and field investigations results.
Expertly heuristic searching methods, statystical data analysis methods allowed to state the nonuniformity of training centers in federal districts, the appearance if new profiles in the several fields, such as «Dealing», «Economics», «Business informatics» and so on.
The results of employers’ requirements requests, competencies models of logistic companies analysis allow to conclude that it is necessary to prepare «specialized» logisticians, who will be able to solve not only operational tasks, but to manage dynamic processes with the help of such tools as re-engineering, rational business models and value creation chains design for different categories of logistic services.
Weak interaction of institutional organizations, Research and Development Establishments, Russian higher educational establishments with manufacturing, trading and service companies concerning the questions of international and national logistic infrastructure formation and the implementation of logistics and supply chain management innovative technologies define the necessity efforts consolidation and non-profit partnership creation – The competence center in the logistic field.


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