№4 (75) August 2016


Focus: Modern tools for supply chain optimization 

Main sections:

  • Supply chains simulation modeling
  • Lean Production – new opportunities for production optimization
  • Logistics Supply: „Make or Buy?“
  • e-Supply Chain Management (e-SCM)

TOLUJEW J.I. Methods for Supply Chain Simulation

BRODETSKIY G.L., DYBSKAYA V.V., GUSEV D.A., KULESHOVA E.S. Distribution of Products in Warehouse Network: Synthesis of Special Optimization Procedures

MOROZOVA Y.A. Cognitive Mapping of Strategic Development of Supply Chain

DUTIKOV I.M. The Implementation of Electronic Supply Chain Management (e-SCM)

SHUMAEV V. A., SAZONOV A.A. Optimization of the Delivery and Movement of Hardware in Production

DOMNINA S.V. Transport-forwarding Activity in Russia and Problems of Regulation

ELYASHEVICH I.P. Solution of the Problem to «Make Or Buy» in Supply Logistics

KUZIN D.A., NEMCEVA E.A. The Implementation of «Lean Production» Concept in Logistics Supply


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