№5 (76) October 2016


Focus:  Methods to improve the supply chain sustainability and reliability

Main sections:

  • Creating a sustainable supply chain in transnational corporations
  • Inventory management optimization models
  • Supply chain logistics risks analysis
  • Integrated supply chain planning - new opportunities

KLOCHKO O.A., TIHONOVA E.V. Creating Sustainable Supply Chain in Transnational corporations: Nestlé Experience

MOISEEVA N.K., OLEYNIK S.P., MATYNA L.I. State Regulation of Trans-Border Products Flows. How Is It Organized? Part I

GERAMI V.D., SHIDLOVSKIY I.G. The Effectiveness Of Multinomenclature Deliveries By Several Vehicles For Each Delivery At Inventory Optimisation

PODOLNAYA M.M. Understanding The Company’s Inventory Structure As an Inventory Management Tool

VINOGRADOV A.B. Management Theory for the Sake Of Logistics: Main Approaches to The Intra-Organizational Coordination and Conflict Management

SOLODOVNIKOV V.V. Development Of Supply Chain Planning Methodology For Metals

SOKOLOV А.А. Implementation Of Collaborative Planning And Replenishment Technologies In Retail

SERGEEV V.I., DUDINSKAYA M.V. Logistic Risks Analysis in Iron and Steel Companies’ Supply Chains

SARATOVTSEV Y.I. The Place and Role Control and Controlling in Logistic and Supply Chain Management 


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