№1 (78) February 2017


Focus:  Inventory Management in the Trading Companies Logistics Network

Main sections:

  • Goods Distribution in Warehouse Network: Multicriteria Optimization
  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) Process Pecularities
  • The Limitations of “Perfect Order” Indicator Usage in Retail Chain Stores
  • The Evaluation of Economic Order Quantity Model Stability And Accuracy

Electronic version


LUKINSKIY V.V., TCHIROUKHIN V.A. The Economic Order Quantity Model: Estimation of Stability and Accuracy

MILOV S.N. When the Client «Isn't Right» or Restrictions on Use of an Indicator «Perfect Order» in the Network Retail Companies.


KULAKOV V.M., PENZEV V.N. The Peculiarities of Sales and Operations Planning in Wholesale Trading Company

NOVIKOVA A.Y. Methods of Planning Improvement in the Supply Chain of Gold Mining Companies

DUDINSKAYA M.V. The Logistics Risks Control and Monitoring System Development


BRODETSKIY G.L.,DYBSKAYA V.V.,GUSEV D.A., KULESHOVA E.S. The Goods Distribution in a Warehouse Network: Optimal Solutions for Many Criteria

APALKOVA T.G., MISHCHENKO A.V. Investment Management Models in Logistics in Conditions of Uncertainty and Risk

SVERCHKOV P.A. Analysis of an Applicability of Existing Approaches to the Distribution Network Design for Retail Companies


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