№2 (79) April 2017


Focus: Interorganizational Coordination in Supply Chain

Main sections:

  • Logistics Outsourcing from the Point of Customer and Provider
  • Digital Supply Chain
  • Supply Chain Management in Aviation Industry
  • Logistics Service in Inventory Management

Electronic version


KRUPP T. Chemical Logistics – Importance of Logistics in a Global Key Sector

GERAMI V.D., KOLIK A.V., SHIDLOVSKIY I.G.  The Special Aspect the EOQ-Model Efficiency with Renting Storage Places and Factoring in the Load Carrying Capacity

DYBSKAYA V.V., POSTERNAKOVA M.I. Interorganizational Logistics Coordination in Distribution Network of the Food Manufacturing Industry 

STAPRAN D.A., PROCENKO I. O. Logistics Outsourcing: What Logicians and Customers Think of It

DOMNINA S.V., ZABOEV A.L. Euroasian Integration: Modern Logistics Elements Formation

IVANOVA A.V. Logistics Service in Inventory Management

USHAKOV D.V. The Assessment of Сold Chain Indicators in Perishable Cargoes Logistics 


SERGEEV V.I., DUTIKOV I.M. Digital Supply Chain: Looking Into the Future

PAVLOV P.V., MAKAROVA E.L. Supply Chain Management Development in Aviation Industry: Theme Research

KLOCHKO O.A. Impact of Regional Integration on Creating Supply Chains in a Globalized World


ELYASHEVICH I.P. The Methods for Estimation of Losses Caused by Flowing Capital Immobilization in Mining Companies’ Operational Resources Inventory

BURLAKOVA I.V.   Supplier Scoring and Assessment Methodologies in the Context of Procurement Function Maturity. Typical Methodology Mistakes  


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