№3 (80) June 2017


Focus: Integrated Inventory Management in Supply Chains 

Main sections:

  • Multi-Item Inventory Control System
  • Inventory in Integrated Multileveled Systems
  • Transshipping Traffic Technology Choice Taking
  • Logistics of Mining, Metal Trading  and Oil Companies

Electronic version


RADAEV A.E., LEVENTSOV V.A., KOBZEV V.V. Optimization Models for Determination of Characteristics for Multi-Item Inventory Control System within Industrial Enterprise

NIKOLAEVSKIJ N.N., PILIPCHUK S.F., SPASSKIJ Y.B. The Justification of Transshipping Traffic Technology Choice Taking into Account Object Functioning Peculiarities

YAMPOLSKY S.М., BRUSKIN S.N., OGURECHNIKOV E.V. Requirements to the Models of the Executives’ Activity Processes in Service Companies


LUKINSKIY V.S., PANOVA Y.N.,STRIMOVSKAYA A.V.   Integrated Supply Chain Management: Theories, Models and Methods

KOZLOV V.K.,TSAREVA E.S., FILOSOFOVA D.K. The Economic Content of Logistics Flow: Accounting and Analysis

LUKINSKIY V.V., ASLAKHANOV A.R. Inventory Management Strategies for Integrated Multileveled Systems

KLEPIKOV V.P. Development of Cargo Flows and Logistics Infrastructure for Transportation of Oil Cargo in the South of Europe


BRODETSKIY G.L., GUSEV D.A., MAZUNINA О.А., FEL A.V. Possibilities of the Method of Successive Concessions When Selecting for Many Criteria

MISHENKO A.V., KULAGIN P.A. Metal Trading Company Transportation Service Modelling

KRASNOSHCHEKOV A.G. Specifics of Spare Parts Replenishment Parameters Definition for Processing Plant

ELYASHEVICH I.P. The Development of VMI-Relationships Between Mining Companies and Providers of Operating Resources


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