№5 (82) October 2017


Focus: The Formation of Modern Logistics Infrastructure in Supply Chains

Main sections:

  • The Formation of Global Supply Chains
  • Regional Logistics Systems: Design and Optimization
  • Performance Assessment of Logistics Business Processes
  • Value Engineering in Procurement Logistics

Electronic version


LUKINSKIY V.V., STRIMOVSKAYA A.V. Designing Complex Assessment System of Particular Performance Indicators in Supply Chain

KLOCHKO O.A., PARNENKOVA К.V. Evolution of Leading Consumer Electronics Producers’ Approaches to Configuration of Global Supply Chains


ELYASHEVICH I.P. Value Engineering at Cost Management of Operating Resource Purchasing at Coal Industry Enterprises

BYKADOROV S.A., VYSOKIKH A.A. The Efficiency of High-Speed «Moscow – Adler» Railway Construction

STETSYUK V.V., KOSTYAEVA K.V. Methodical Approaches to Assessing the Effective Involvement of Railway Transport in the Region’s Logistic Systems

DOMNINA S.V., LEVINA T.V. Transport and Logistics System of Moscow Agglomeration: Analyzing Current State and Future Perspectives

BORISOVA L.A. Economic Methods and Incentives for Solving Environmental Problems in Logistics  

GRIGORIAN M.G., ZHURAVLEVA N.A., KLIMENKO Y.V. Information Aspect of Choosing the Organizational Development Strategy of Companies Operating in The Container Shipping Market


PETROVSKIY D.V. Introduction to Logistics Systems Analysis Using Petri Nets

YAMPOLSKY S.M., GOMENYUK K.S., SERIKOV A.P. Methodology of Choosing Informative and Technological Basis of the Information Interaction System of Participants of Aftersales Service of Complex Technical Products

GERAMI V.D., KOLIK A.V., SHIDLOVSKIY I.G. Diversified Optimization of the Supply Strategy Parameters with a Possibility of Vehicles Selecting with Account of Their Cargo Capacity


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