Methodology of Choosing Informative and Technological Basis of the Information Interaction System of Participants of Aftersales Service of Complex Technical Products

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MAGAZINE №5 (82) October 2017



GOMENYUK K.S. - LecturerDepartment of Business Analytics, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)

SERIKOV A.P. - Cand.of Tech.Sc., Associate Professor, Department of Business Analytics, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY  Controlling Information technologies in logistics and SCM Industrial companies’ corporate logistics


An important aspect of project quality of complex technical products creation is a degree of reflection of the product requirements in project documentation. The requirements of balance of quality indicators values and product costs have a significant effect on the configuration of both the product itself and the components of its aftersales service including spare parts and consumables supply.

A manufacturer’s and customer’s aftersales interests are a subject of compromise due to be achieved at the contract drafting process and fixed in it.

The effectiveness of aftersales service is determined, first of all, by the quality of decisions made by the governing board of service companies, which depends on their information support.

The mentioned circumstances considered it is vital to solve the problem of choosing a rational informative and technological basis allowing an increase in the effectiveness of information interaction among the aftersales service participants (taking into account the amount of the invested financial resources).

The article is devoted to a strategic map of the balance scorecard of the information interaction system (for aftersales service participants).

The paper describes strategic objectives of the information interaction system, as well as the corresponding key performance indicators.

The work gives an example of choosing a rational option of the informative and technological basis of the information interaction system for aftersales service participants based on the analytical hierarchy method with due account for the amount of invested financial resources.

The necessity of such a choice is not driven so much by the relevant standards as by the needs of business unwilling to lose significant financial resources on insignificant occasions.

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