№2(85) April 2018


Focus: Tendencies of SCM Development and Role of Digitalization

Main sections:

  • World Trends of Supply Chain Management Development
  • Blockchain and Cloud Service Technologies Application in Logistics and SCM
  • Tactical Supply Chain Planning
  • “Green” Logistics Research

Electronic version


Dybskaya V.V., Sergeev V.I. World Trends of Supply Chain Management Development

Solodovnikov V.V. Improvement of metallurgical enterprise supply chain tactical planning

Kornienko P.A. Application of Blockchain Technology in Supply Chain Management: A New Way to Transparency and Traceability

Antipina P.V. Cloud Computing Technologies In Logistics Activities


Kosorukov O.A., Sviridova O.A. The Algorithm for optimizing of Trade-Purchasing Activity of the Fuel Integrator in a Determined Case

Ryzhenkov A.V., Khludnev А.А.,Sotov V.V. Formation of Branch Rating for a Logistics Company Based on Key Performance Indicators

Berezhnaya L.Y. Analysis of Trends in the Study of «Green» Logistics


Brodetskiy G.L., Gerami V.D., Shidlovskiy I.G. EOQ-formula Modification at Storage Renting with Account to Payment Delays

Levina T.V. Diagnostics of Supply Chains Processes Using SCOR model


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