The Algorithm for optimizing of Trade-Purchasing Activity of the Fuel Integrator in a Determined Case

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MAGAZINE №2(85) April 2018


Kosorukov O. A. - Doctor of Tech.Sci., Professor, Graduate School of Management and Innovation Lomonosov State Moscow University (Moscow, Russia)

Sviridova O. A. - Cand. of Eс. Sc., Associate Professor, Department of Mathematical Methods in Economics, Plekhanov Russian University of Economic (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY Service providers’ corporate logistics Sourcing Optimization and mathematical modelling


Market relations improvement and exchange trade in oil and petroleum products development open competitive opportunities for domestic market participants independent of vertically integrated oil companies. In this article, one of these participants is considered: a broker company that purchases and sells goods on raw materials markets of Russia. It is obvious that to keep and expand the market share, build effective supply chains, such companies need optimization models of business processes. The paper investigates the problem of searching the optimal algorithm for carrying out trade and procurement activities by the broker company performing intermediary services that link producers and consumers of petroleum products throughout Russia.

The proposed algorithm is based on the analysis of price trajectories and the choice of the moments of buying and selling fuel. Mathematical justification of the proposed algorithm steps is given. At the initial stage, the simplest problem is considered. The possibilities of its complication and development for constructing optimal supply chains are described.

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