№4(87) August 2018


Focus: Analytics in Digital Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Main sections:

  • Formation of Digital Supply Chains
  • City Logistics: Trends and Challenges
  • Intelligent Data Analysis in Digital Logistics and SCM
  • Optimization Models of Delivery Options and inventory Management

Electronic version


KOREPIN V.N. Intellectual Supply Chain Creation

MOROZOVA Y.A. Text Mining in Logistics and Supply Chain Management 

STRIMOVSKAYA A.V., BAZHINA D.B. Methods of Assessing Key Performance Indicators in Supply Chains

KUZNETSOV V.O. Using Principal Component Analysis to Evaluation of Supply Chains Reliability


VINOGRADOV A.B., YUNEEVA D.R. Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm as a Means of Efficiency Improvement for the Last Mile Delivery in Internet Retailing

KOSORUKOV O.A., MASLOV S.E. Model of Delivery Time Determination in Conditions of Demand Uncertainty

ROZHENKO M.K. City Logistics: Trends and Challenges

BARASHKOV A.V. Role and Place of Replenishment Strategies in Distribution Systems

MIRONOV V.L. Markov Chains in Logistics


LUKINSKIY V. S., SEROVA E. G. Methods and Tools of Intelligent Data Analysis for Digital Logistics and Supply Chain Management

SHIDLOVSKIY I. G. EOQ Working Capital Profitability Considering the Delay of Cash Flows and Storage Renting

MISHCHENKO A. V., IVANOVA A. V. Optimization Models of Production and Finance Management in a Company. Part 1.


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