№5(86) October 2018


Focus: Logistics Technologies of Transportation in Supply Chains

Main sections:

  • Single Transport Space Formation
  • Digital Transformation of the Global Container Shipping Line
  • New Models of Inventory Management Considering Uncertainty of Demand
  • Logistics Costs Impact on a Company’s Financial Performance

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DUISENDAY D.T., DOMNINA S.V.  EAEU Countries are Moving to a New Stage in Single Transport Space Formation

MAYDANOVA S.A., ILYIN I.V.  Strategic Approach to Digital Transformation of Global Container Shipping Line

NIKOLAEVSKIY N.N., GRIGOREV M.N.  Influence of Digitalization on Logistics Systems Organization and Functioning Processes

SULEIMANOVA K.P., PLOTNIKOV V.A.  Assessment Approaches Development of Digital Economy Technologies Impact on Logistics Costs 

BAZHINA D.B., KOROLEVA E.A. Development of Key Performance Indicators to Assess Transport Services 

VOLKOVA E.М., STRIMOVSKAYA A.V.   Influence of Logistics Costs on a Company’s Financial Performance Indicators

NEGOMEDZYANOV Y.A., NEGOMEDZYANOV G.Y. Strategic Technical Planning of a System Providing Metallurgical Production with Prepared Materials


BELOV L.B. Method of Calculating Inventory Management Parameters for a Model with a Fixed Interval Between Orders Considering Deficit Costs 

MASLOV S.E. Calculation of the Optimum Moment of Delivery Considering Demand Uncertainty

MIRONOV V.L. Optimal Profit Distribution in Supply Chain


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