№6(89) December 2018


Focus: Business Analytics and Logistic Processes Modelling in Supply Chain

Main sections:

  • Logistics and SCM – specialization of the 21st century
  • Blockchain technology prospects in relation to procurement activity process automatization
  • Cluster analysis application in inventory and assortment management
  • Simulation modelling of dynamic supply chains

Electronic version


SERGEEV V.I. Logistics and Supply Chain Management – Profession of the 21st Century

KOLOSOV A.M. Prospects of Blockchain Technology in the Automatization of Procurement

GRIGOREV M.N., NIKOLAEVSKIY N.N. A Conceptual Model to Overcome Information Asymmetries in Supply Chains


MILOV S.N., MILOV A.S. Application of Cluster Analysis in Inventory and Assortment Management

BORISOVA L.A. Logistics Factor in the System of Regulation of the Oil Sector of the Economy

GRIGORIEV M.N., UVAROV S.A. Development of Russia's Logistics Infrastructure in the Arctic Region as a Factor of Global Competition

ALYAMOVSKAYA N.S., KOLCHUGIN D.M. Theoretical Aspects of Return Flows Management in Internet Retailing

SULEIMANOVA K.P., PLOTNIKOV V.A. Formation of the Theory and Methodology of Pipeline Transport Supply Chain Management

PETROVSKIY D.V., BARASHKOV A.V. Prospects of Application of Logistics Indicators Monitoring Systems in Manufacturing Enterprises


LYCHKINA N.N. Simulation of Dynamic Supply Chains


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