№2 (91) April 2019


Focus: Logistic Systems and Supply Chains Modelling

Main sections:

  • Concept of “Supply Chain Control Tower”: design methodology and practical implementation
  • Modelling of large-scale enterprise logistic systems
  • Improving stability of supply chain functioning
  • Modern technologies of procurement and supply management 

Electronic version


DYBSKAYA V.V., SERGEEV V.I. The Concept of «Supply Chain Control Tower»: Design Methodology and Practical Implementation

DEMIN A.S. Impact of Regional Differences on the Supply Chain Management of Multinational Corporations

LAKHNO Y.V. Sustainable Supply Chains in the Automotive Industry: Working with Suppliers


REMPEL W., ZOLLER C.S.  Performance Optimisation of In-plant Milkrun Systems with a Kanban Replenishment Strategy

SOKOLOVA O.G. Conceptual Rationale for the Development of a Mining Enterprise Logistics Management Model

BELOV L.B., GRIGORIEV L.Y. Application of Architectural Approach to Modelling the Company's Logistics System

MAIOROV N.N., BORODULINA S.А., KOROLEVA E.A. Logistics Systems Modelling for Achieve Operational Sustainability Based on Dynamic Links

BORISOVSKAYA M.A. Between a Rock and Hard Place: Logistics Peculiarity Throughout Promotions


NEGOMEDZYANOV Y.A., NEGOMEDZYANOV G.Y. Strategic Technical Planning of the Macrologistical System of Providing Enterprises of Metallurgy with Prepared Materials in the Phased Commissioning of the Main Production


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