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   This issue of Journal is focused on the problems of logistics of distribution and its place in the supply chain, in other words it is broadly explored the nature of the relationship between logistics management and supply chain management. Logistics of distribution still occupies a leading position in the system of logistics management. One of the first fundamental papers of current logistics was the article "Physical Distribution" (1961) by D.J. Bowersox; and since then the topicality of research issue in this area has not being reduced. Logistics acquired special importance in the transition from 6R to 7R: logistics of companies converted from the unprofitable technology into the technology of value of goods enhancement for consumer and profit of business entity increasing for its owner. This aspect became a basis in the process of supply chain strategy development.

   It is covered the coherence between strategic development of the company and operational activities of customer service in articles of this issue. It worth noting that while the mechanism of different business functions coordination (for example, logistics and marketing departments) is sufficiently considered as an object of logistical coordination, the solution of the same problems in supply chain management is proposed in our Journal practically for the first time.

   So, for example, the policy of customer service management is determined by the interaction of two key departments of the company, one of which (Marketing) is responsible for image-building of product and marketer choice, the other of which (Logistics) is accountable for supply of goods to customer and provision of logistics services in the article prepared by Dr.Sc.Oes, Professor V.V. Dybskaya, Dean of the Faculty of Logistics and Head of Logistics Department in National Research University "Higher School of Economics" (NRU HSE) together with lecturer of the same Department A.V. Ivanova. Special focus has been paid to the relationship between the basic corporate strategies and functional strategies of the company (marketing strategies and logistics strategies). As well, the ways of their translation into the logistics activities in the field of customer service is analyzed. Established in article manner of interaction between the corporate, marketing and logistics strategies allowed the authors to determine the general direction of logistics department of company for the development of effective customer service policy.

   Methodological aspects of marketing and logistics strategies design is developed in article of Ph.D. in Economics M.N. Kovalev, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Logistics Department in the International University "MITSO", campus in Gomel. The author seeks a clear understanding of the role, place and content of marketing and logistics strategies; he proposes detailed structuring of marketing and logistics strategies in the methodology of strategic management. The paper is notable for practical and scientific justification.

  Particular difficulties in the logistics of distribution can cause the problem of determining the volume of purchasing goods with rare and slight demand at short run planning: in this situation it is impossible to implement classical methods of demand estimation and forecasting. In the article provided by, Professor E.I. Zaitsev, Head of Scientific Research Laboratory in the field of Logistics in NRU HSE, campus in St. Petersburg as a method of solving this problem it is propose the technology of small-samples. The suggested technology becomes relevant to the extended market and increased competition in the field of logistics of distribution. This leads both to the significant reduction of the period of planning and to the improvement of accuracy of demand forecast of goods with uncertainty. The author proposes an algorithm of design and processing of small sales samples that let the user of this algorithm quickly obtain the necessary statistical characteristics of demand for supply planning of goods. The suggested approach is developed for distribution companies and manufacturing companies that have their own distribution network with sales outlets.

   Educational program Master of Business Administration (MBA) "Strategic Logistics and Business Analytics" is offered by International Centre of Training in logistics in NRU HSE for the first time ever. The basis of the program is study and practical mastery of international methodologies of business analysis and audit of logistics of company on the ground of concept of integrated logistics and innovative approaches of supply chain management ideology, which forms the core competencies of logistician. The study is based on the international experience and standards with the involvement of professionals from major Russian and foreign companies performing in Russian Federation.

Chief Editor Sergey Uvarov