Effective use of their own cars to transport companies of logistics principles

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MAGAZINE №3 (62) June 2014


CATEGORY Outsourcing Container shipping Logistics infrastructure Transportation Providers of logistics services 


During the reform of the railway the old centralized system for regulation of freight wagons from the Railway Ministry has been replaced by the new autonomous technologies to manage their own treatment of freight wagons transport companies already by them on the basis of marketing to attract customers and garter cars to the claims for cargo.

Given that transport companies have not systematically send their own cars to railway stations on the shipping documents without specific train congestion situation and rail transport infrastructure on the railways began systematically formed congestion, which in some cases completely paralyzed traffic on them.

Moreover, due to the low level of regulation by the transport companies handling their own freight cars were used last extremely efficient turnover of cars has increased significantly, unproductive mileage cars unlade approached 70%, requests for transportation of goods became in time not provided, and transportation costs have increased significantly.

To stabilize the situation transport companies have created self-regulatory organization (SRO), designed to ensure the effective management of their own cars on the principles of centralization, but because of the lack of organization necessary information resources and real management vehicles, freight, this structure is currently only public and declarative nature.

In order to improve the regulatory system handling freight wagons on the railway network of the Russian Federation the authors propose to create a management company (CC) to effectively manage their own wagons transport companies, which carriers will transmit their wagons in trust for a certain period of time, by entering into futures contracts it.



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