№4 (81) August 2017


Focus: Organizational Behaviour in Supply Chain Optimization 

Main sections:

  • Logistic and Supply Chain Management Organizational Structures Dynamics
  • Inventory Management Methods Development in Logistic Systems
  • The Balance Between Insourcing and Outsourcing in Transportation
  • Horizontal Cooperation in Supply Chains

Electronic version


DYBSKAYA V.V., SERGEEV V.I. The Logistics and SCM Organizational Structures of Companies Operating on Russian Market

RYZHENKOV A.V., KHLUDNEV  А.А. Methods of Identifying Unproductive Empty Runs for the Railway Operator

BARABUSHKA A.S., BROM A.E., SIDELNIKOV I.D. Features of Machinery Design and Maintenance as Key Logistics Factors in the Supply Chains Creation in Engineering


VINOGRADOV A.B.,TYURKINA М.N. Methods of Gain Sharing in Horizontal Cooperation Projects

PONOMAREV E.V. Analysis of the World Practice of Implementing the Concept «Just in Time» in Supply Chains 

FRIDKIN S.E. Sales & Operations Planning Success Factors


KRASNOSHCHEKOV A.G. Storage Locations Optimization Practice within Industrial Company

ZDOROVENKOVA E.O. Spare Parts Inventory Management System Development for Maintenance Support

TSVEROV V.V., VOLYGINA E.A.   The Selection Method between Cargo Transportation Outsourcing or Insourcing Based on the Linguistic Variables Usage

SHIDLOVSKII I.G. Features of Multinomenclature Deliveries Optimization Taking into Account the Vehicles Choice Ability and Their Cargo Capacity 


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