№6 (83) December 2017


Focus: Digitalization and Analysis in Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Main sections:

  • Prospects of Digital Logistics and SCM Development in Russia: Challenges of the Time
  • Information-analytical Systems of Business Analysis as an Integration Platform in Logistics
  • Blockchain Technology in Logistics
  • Analytical Tools for Assessing Competitiveness in Logistics

Electronic version


SERGEEV V.I. Prospects of Digital Logistics and SCM Development in Russia and the Role of HSE School of Logistics

NOVIKOV V.E., KARAPETYAN R.A. Information-analytical Systems of Business Analysis as Integration Platform for Logistic Processes Management in Retail Network Supply Chain Management

LUKINSKIY V.S., STRIMOVSKAYA A.V. Analytics in Logistics as a Key Instrument for Enterprises Competitiveness Increase


UKRAINTSEV V.B., AKHOKHOV A.M. Blockchain Technology in Logistics: Digitalization and Prospects for Implementation

GERAMI V.D., BORISOVA L.A., SHIDLOVSKIY I.G., GUSEV D.A. Features of Alternatives Filtration Procedures Based on Binary Relations in
the Tasks of Selecting a Vehicle by Many Criteria

ALYAMOVSKAYA N.S., KOLCHUGIN D.M., VINOKUROVA V.O. Return Flows in Internet Retail: General Description and Causes of Occurrence

LUKINSKIY V.V., MAYEVSKIY A.G. Development approaches to Systematization and Impact Assessment of the Variety of Stock-Out Models


MILOV S.N. Application of PSM technology for planning and management of assortment in B2B and B2C companies

PETROVSKIY D.V., KOKURIN D.I. Using Apparatus of Stochastic Petri Nets when Controlling Logistics Systems Parameters


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