Supply Chain Potential in Public-Private Strategic Partnership

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MAGAZINE №3(86) June 2018


CATEGORY  Global logistics projects Supply chain management



The article considers the organizational and legal aspects of global competition, economic turbulence, new challenges and limitations of the problem of public-private partnership. The use of supply chain potential in public-private partnerships was proved necessary under objective conditions and specific features. The possibility and expediency of deepening the functionality of a private partner in public-private partnership on the basis of using the principles of a logistics approach is assessed.

Approaches to the content of the supply chain potential in the context of effective development of the country and investments in human capital have been determined in the public-private partnership.

It is shown that the development of integration processes of public-private partnership and supply chains creates completely different opportunities for enhancing the motivation of social activity of the business, rationalizing the organization and using socially responsible investments.

The conducted research allows to define the conceptual scheme reflecting the process of forming a new approach to investing public-private partnership in the context of an extremely difficult external and internal conjuncture based on logistics principles and the use of common information space for supply chains

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