Information and Analytical Support of Decision-making in the Management of Logistics Processes in Supply Chains of Retail Network Operators

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MAGAZINE №3(86) June 2018


CATEGORY   Information technologies in logistics and SCM  Retail companies’ corporate logistics


The article examines topical issues of information and analytical solutions for assessing the management affect on the functioning of retail network operators supply chains in order to increase the profitability of the business. For this purpose, special attention is paid to the use of visual analytics information systems, Visual Data Discovery (VDD).

 It is crucial to note the importance of creating a harmonious man-machine complex, providing a synergetic effect in improving the efficiency of supply chain management of the logistics network.

 Solutions are suggested for   a number of analytical tasks to identify trends in the functioning of supply chains, as well as the assessment of control effects on the logistics network using matrix methods of analysis is proposed.

The purpose of the work is developing solutions for the creation of human-machine complexes of information and analytical decision support in the supply chain management of retail network companies.

According to the author, in modern conditions, it is extremely difficult to achieve high-quality supply chain management, and as a result, it is difficult to create competitive advantages of a company without information and analytical support for the management of logistics processes in a network trading company.

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