№3 (92) June 2019


Focus: Business Analytics and Logistic Processes Modelling in Supply Chain

Main sections:

  • Retail Supply Chain Controlling and Monitoring
  • Supply Chain Vulnerability and Adaptive Management 
  • Omni-Channel Retail
  • Procurement and Inventory Management Optimization

Electronic version


SERGEEV I.V. Problems and Methodological Aspects of Control and Monitoring of Network Retail Supply Chains

GORYACHEVA I.A., TREGUBOV V.N. On the Issue of Terminological Definition of Supply Chain Vulnerability: Factors, Causes and Formation of Adaptive Management Model

BENDIKOV M.A., MISHCHENKO A.V., SOLODOVNIKOV V.V. Economic and Mathematical Approach to Tactical Planning of Supply Chain of Geographically Distributed Industrial Enterprises (Case of Coal Holding)



WÖRTGE J. K.  Omni-Channel Retail – A Framework for Analyzing and Assessing the Efficiency of the Logistics System

GERASIMOVA M.M., GERASIMOV V.N., MEDVEDEV S.O., MOKHIREV A.P. Application of Methods of Graph Theory to Solve the Problem of Routes Optimization of Wood Transportation

DRUZHAEV A.A., NEKLYUDOV D.Y., YAMPOLSKY S.M. Informational and Analytical Operation Maintenance of Service Companies, Implementing the After-sales Service of Complex Technical Products


GOBEDZHISHVILI K.A., ZAKHODYAKIN G.V. Justification of Service Policy Parameters for Spare Parts Supply Using Agent-based Simulation

SHMAKOV E.N. Selection and Practical Application of Different Variance Inventory Management for the Mining Industry


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