Economic and Mathematical Approach to Tactical Planning of Supply Chain of Geographically Distributed Industrial Enterprises (Case of Coal Holding)

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MAGAZINE  №3 (92) June 2019


BENDIKOV M.A. - Doctor of Ec.Sc., Leading researcher, Central Economics and Mathematics Institute, Russian Academy of Science (Moscow, Russia)



CATEGORY  Optimization and mathematical modelling   Supply chain planning 


The relevance of the development of improved economic and mathematical methods and integrated models of supply chains of geographically distributed industrial enterprises is due to the need to develop effective planning and management decisions at the stage of tactical planning of the considered enterprises.
The article defines the main problematic issues in the practice of tactical planning and as an example of their solution, the project of tactical planning of the supply chain of industrial enterprises – coal holding with geographically distributed assets and a wide range of interchangeable products is analyzed.
Scientific survey is based on fundamental and applied developments of domestic and foreign scientists in the field of economic theory, management theory, logistics theory and supply chain management, methods of mathematical modelling, system analysis, operations research and expert evaluation methods.
The analyzed economic and mathematical approach to the tactical planning of the supply chain of geographically distributed industrial enterprises ensures rational management decision making and increases its consistency.

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