Logistics of Trans-Border Products Flows. Statement of the Task of Management

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MAGAZINE  №2-3 (103) - 2021

AUTHOR OLEYNIK S.P. - Can.of Ph.-Math.Sc., Associate Professor, Head of the Marketing and Project Management Department National Research University of Electronic Technology (Moscow, Russia)

CATEGORY Supply chain management


The movement of goods across the customs border is the limiting stage of goods movement in foreign trade transactions involving the exchange of material goods. The dominant causal factor of such slowdown is the system of state regulation of foreign trade activities, which creates an imperative environment for the implementation of logistics processes. The search for ways to improve the efficiency of using the resource of time in the processes of importing/exporting goods is an urgent task both for the system of state regulation and for the corporate system of cross-border flows management, the solution of which has a direct impact on the metabolism of the sphere of foreign trade. The aim of the work is to specify the task of corporate management of cross-border commodity flows based on the analysis of the specifics of the logistics processes in the imperative environment.

The input data for the study was the information from literary and regulatory sources, the results of the author's practical experience. In the course of the study the system approach, methods of analysis and synthesis, grouping and comparison, abstraction, generalization, analogy, logical analysis, as well as the provisions of the new theory of economic systems were used.

As a result of the study, the distinctive features of the course of logistic processes in an imperative environment were identified and summarized. It is shown that there is a volitional regulation of the processes of movement of logistics triads on the parameters of space and time, on the composition and content of authorized actions, and the category of persons admitted to their commission, on a set of operations and procedures mandatory for execution, on the status of the mandatory presence in the logistics chain functionally specialized structures, and the content of information and type of financial security of the movement of goods across the customs border. It is concluded that it is expedient to allocate a functional area in the system of logistics knowledge - the logistics of cross-border commodity flows. It was found that the cause of the peculiarities of the movement of goods in the rivalry of two unequal systems - state regulation and corporate governance. The task of cross-border logistics is formulated.


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