Publishing ethics

The editorial board of the journal “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” supports the politics focused on publishing ethics principles adherence and recognize that monitoring of these principles adherence is one of the main components of journal reviewing and publishing. The editorial team states about the absence of malpractice.

Ethical rules and norms correspond with norms which are accepted by leading international scientific publishing houses. Ethical norms and rules are compulsive for all participants of scientific materials publication process: reviewers, editorial board members, editors, authors and employees of publisher’s house.

Editorial board of the journal “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” defines several rules in order to support publishing ethics, which are listed below:

  • Rigorous compliance with the main principles of journal: objectivity, scientific character, professionalism;
  • Enlistment of the most authoritative scientists and specialists of leading Russian and foreign universities' faculty members  to the editorial board;
  • The usage of double-blind review providing the involvement of  objective competent reviewers;
  • The support with consultation expertise to authors which is aimed to meeting the requirement of international organizations SCOPUS and Web of Science to publication materials’ content and layout;
  • The increase of the annotation and translation culture level of published materials.

Editorial board of the journal “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” follows the developed publishing ethics with a foundation of listed below documents:

  • Publishing Ethics, Publishing Ethics Resource Kit – Elsevier;
  • Code of conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors – Committee on Publication Ethics;
  • Code of Ethics of Scientific Publications of non-profit partnership “Committee on ethics of scientific publications” –

Journal publishing ethics should be understood as defined set of rules which are the basis for the relationships between the journal’s editorial staff against each other and with the editorial board members, reviewers and authors on the issue of publications. All parties who take part in the process assume listed below obligations.

The questions of authorship
While sending the materials for publication in the journal “Logistics and Supply Chain Management” authors confirm their authorship and accept that if the materials will be taken to publication they can be placed in electronic databases with the mandatory statement of the authorship. Upon that, authors retain all copyrights for published materials completely.

In the text of the article there should be all external information and research literature sources which have been used while preparing the work in the form of the reference list. The authors are obliged to get up borrowings in a proper manner (with the help of the references to the source and/or citations).

The editorial staff is obliged:

  • To observe correct and respectful attitude to the author not imposing their own requirements and scientific representation; to keep editorial secret; not to allow negligence while working with materials;
  • Not to allow materials that do not have scientific value and do not correspond with journal profile and editorial ethics to publication;
  • Not to favor authors depending on their gender, race, geographical origin and other conditions which do not have direct influence on the research scientific value;
  • To guarantee the attraction of competent and objective reviewers, to use double-blind review practice;
  • To be set for the publication of corrections, explanations or refutation if it is needed.

The reviewers are obliged:

  • To treat the received for review manuscript confidentially and not to provide the access for other parties;
  • To meet the set review period;
  • To provide correct, objective and reasoned assessment for research results presented in the manuscript;
  • Not to use the unpublished data taken from manuscripts;
  • Not to have conflict of interests regarding the manuscript or the author.

The authors are obliged:

  • To provide authenticity, originality and novelty of the research results;
  • To get up other authors’ researches with the pin-point reference of original source;
  • Not to allow excess borrowing and plagiarism of any kind; not to allow self-citation and self-plagiarism (the attempt to publish previously printed work again);
  • To include to the authors’ list all persons who contributed significantly to the research;
  • To guarantee that the article is the exclusive material which was not published before or submitted to another journal;
  • In case of serious errors detection to inform the journal’s editorial staff (both at each manuscript finalization stage and after the article publication);
  • To take part in the review process.


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